The Big Picture

~One Happy Boy~

To be honest, I'm really struggling to see the big picture here. I have issues with the boys playing video games, watching much TV, etc. (Oh, this picture is of Justus right after opening his birthday present from us...a Nintendo DS!) So as of now, we have the following "screens" they are going to have to choose from for screen time:

Video (as in, a movie)
PSP (Someone gave this to Derek awhile back, I can't even remember where or who, but the boys have just begun playing it this past weekend.)
IPad (whenever Derek leaves it at home and doesn't take it to work with him)

Yikes. Kind of makes me sick. But here's what I'm trying to tell myself (Here's me trying to see the "big picture" here): Our kids get a certain amount of screen time every day, and the screen they choose is up to them. Hopefully, they will learn balance, self-control, and discernment in all of this. I don't know many adults who are "media-free" fact, I don't know any. Our boys will grow up using way more technology than we even see today, and while I don't think a Nintendo DS is in any way preparing them for that future, I do accept the fact that they will be seeing plenty of screens for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, we can teach them how to have THAT and also the real world at the same time!!

At the very least, I certainly have plenty of "privileges" to take away for those who misbehave!


sunnyd said…
This is encouraging!

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