Fun Fotos: Animals

Our ball dog

A Feathered Nest

Next up: Silhouette (yikes!)


Jill said…
Hey is this your dog?
No, that's our neighbor's dog who we keep often while the owner is out of town or gone for the day. The boys are head over heels in love with her! haha
Jill said…
Haha! Well she is adorable! Do you ever thing about getting another dog?
hahahahahahahhahahahaha NOOOOO, we have enough of a zoo here :) Derek's brother has Nugget, so we still see her all the time, plus we get to play with this one, Peanut even more than Nugget. Between her harassing the kids, the kids harassing her, letting her out to pee, making sure she is fed, worrying about her if we have to be gone for awhile during the day, and cleaning up her vomit in the night, I am certainly not looking into getting a dog for the boys :) We have enough animals we are responsible for right now! But good question...I'm sure the boys would appreciate you asking ;)

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