The big boys are at Grammy and Pop Pop's house today...still so surreal to me that my kids can just go over to their grandparents' house while I get to stay home! (even if I DO still have half of my kids here to take care of....two is a lot less than four...although a 2-yr-old should count as about 5 kids!)

Anyway, Eli is getting a lot of my attention, and he is saying the funniest things.


Eli: "When I grow up, I'm gonna play the piano, Mom. Wanna come watch me?"


(as I was changing his diaper)
Eli: "You need a diaper, Mom?"
Me: "Yes, I need to change your diaper. You pooped!"
Eli: "Is that all the diapers?"
Me: "Yep! I need to buy some more at the store!"
Eli: "You need to buy more dipes. You need to buy more BITES!"
Me: "What? BITES?!"
Eli: (shaking his head) "We don't bite. Only lions and tigers bite. And sometimes giraffes bite. And seahorses? What's a seahorse?"


(cooking dinner)
E: What's that, Mom?
Me: Pizza quiche
E: I don't like pizza quiche.
Me: Well, you've never HAD pizza quiche. I've never made this before.
E: I don't like it.
Me: Well, let's try it and we'll see if we like it.
E: (as I'm putting the top layer on and then covering it until ready to bake) We're gonna eat it for dinner?
Me: Yes
E: Yeaaaaaaaaaa!
(guess he had a change of heart :) )


Anonymous said…
hahaha......Love him!!!!
Jessica said…
I bet he's loving that time to talk with you and get his thoughts out! Yay for in-laws!
chrissy said…
That is hilarious. He is so witty. And you are so right having a two year old is like having 5 children all in one. The things that they can come up with, get into and how fast they do it all is amazing.

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