Complete Randomness

I feel like posting something, but I really don't have much to post about!
Instead, I'll journal my thoughts and let you read my mind :)

You know little boys are sick when all they want to do is sleep.
Eli was sick the past couple days with a fever and very rarely left my lap during that time. He fell asleep on the couch while everyone was up and doing things around him, so I knew he didn't feel well!! He took 2 naps in one day, which he hasn't done in months and months. His body was burning up, and his fever was 104. Now, Justus has whatever that was and has only left my and Derek's bed once all day so far. He tried to get up another time and called me to say, "It's not working! I can't walk!!" His fever is 103, and I'm so glad he is at the age where he can just lay in bed and sleep it off. He's even sleeping on the bed next to me while I type this.

I had been staying on top of cleaning the house, but I think that is officially over. I have 5 weeks left until Josiah's due date, and I AM FEELING IT! My energy is down, I feel gigantic, and all I want to do is sit and watch my kids play. It's kind of fun, though, b/c I am enjoying the last little bit of time with just 3 kids. I think newborns are a piece of cake, but once they hit about 2-3 months old, things get very difficult.

AND since I feel so fat, we haven't been leaving the house much. Not leaving the house much means running to less stores for no particular reason...which means spending less money on gas and things we don't really that's another good thing :)

We are about to have our house bombarded with company in the next few months. (And I'm using "bombarded" in a positive way!!) My best friend is coming, one of Derek's best friends is coming with his family, then my parents will come when Josiah is born, then hopefully my brother and sister-in-law soon after that, AND my aunt and her family might be coming through as well!! WHEW!! Good thing I will have a newborn baby to get me out of cleaning house for all of them! hahaha I'm so excited about all of the adult conversation I will be getting! Not to mention the fact that my best friend is coming BEFORE Josiah is born, so I'll be able to go out whenever and wherever I want to with her when Derek is here with the boys at night and on the weekend. I plan on living up every moment of her visit, because I will probably not leave the house with all 4 kids by myself for at LEAST the next year.

Justus and Titus took swimming lessons this week, and it was so great and fun for them. Titus is such a fish in the water. We actually have hoped he would get a LITTLE fearful of the water at some point, but it doesn't look like that is happening! Justus is putting his whole face in the water as long as he has his goggles on, which is a HUGE step for him. (It's so funny how different J and T are from each other.) The funny thing about Justus putting his face in is that he will only bend over and put his face in. He won't go straight down in the water to get his whole head wet. He'll get his ears wet by dunking his head sideways, and he'll bend over and get the TOP of his head wet. I have no idea what that is about, but now we have something to work on with him when we take the boys swimming.

Eli is getting to be such a big boy, it's ridiculous. It's so cool to see how unique all of the boys' personalities are. Eli is his own little man, but he certainly knows how to be a copycat as well! It's great, though, because he talks so well and knows so much. Based on our history with each child learning so much faster than the previous one, Josiah will probably be holding conversations at a year old. Eli says so many things I can't even make a list of them anymore. Our current favorites are when he talks about his "guys" and their helmets, when he says "You're welcome," when he talks about getting hurt and falling, and when he tells on one of his brothers ("Titus nice" while shaking his head.) Speaking of Titus, he and Eli are having so much fun playing together recently. They have clashed a LOT and gotten in so many fights. We never experienced that with Justus and Titus when they were this age, so it has been a new path for us. I guess now that Eli is getting older and more verbal, he and Titus are actually beginning to really enjoy each other. It is so sweet to see them play together and "discuss" whatever they're playing. I need to videotape it and post it on here for memories :)

Well, I think that's all my random thoughts for the moment! Wasn't that an exciting post?! :)


Anonymous said…
Great post! I love knowing all those tidbits of information!! I can't wait to see you all!! I'm still praying!

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