Nesting like a Mama bird

I wish!!!
Oh my I have so much to do to prepare for this baby! I still have not finished my birth playlist (5-10 songs will not cut it!), and I would love to have an updated list and not have to use the one from Eli's birth. I loved that playlist, don't get me wrong. I just want some fresh songs that will help distract me from contractions as much as possible. I don't have a single item of baby clothing out of a box. I don't even know where that box is. Good thing the only 2 things that I absolutely must have are attached to my body already and will DEFINITELY be at the birth ;) I feel like I am in a little bit of panic mode, but it's still not motivating me to get off my sore rear end and do something about it!

I would say the only thing I have actually done to "prepare" for this newborn is to relish in my final weeks withOUT said newborn. I am trying to fill my days with fun things for the boys, girls' night outs for me, and just sitting in bed with my hubby watching "Prison Break" online. And obviously, I am not doing much of anything during the boys' quiet time but Facebooking, blogging, and plenty of other random things that do not involve getting up from sitting or laying down! haha

So what will it take to motivate me? Maybe I'll wait until I can feel Josiah pushing his way farther and farther down into the birth canal. Oh yeah, I can already feel that. How about when I am less than 3 weeks away from the "due date" (which we all know is just a guess anyway...but it could really happen any day now!) Let's see, according to the ticker on this blog, I have...18 days to go!!!! Well, maybe when I start having contractions, I'll get a move on washing those baby clothes. Oh wait, I already have some of those every day.
Guess that means I need to:

1. Search for box of baby clothes, wash, and put away those clothes...pick out outfit for bringing Josiah home in.
2. Put car seat in car
3. Set up co-sleeper in our room
4. Wash cloth diapers and buy a package of disposable newborn diapers for the first week of nastiness.
5. Cook and freeze meals for first few weeks.
6. Finish up birth playlist and put on Ipod.

Tomorrow seems like a good day to get started ;)
(Better go catch up on the piles of laundry and dishes that are staring me down. Maybe THEN I can focus on that "Before Baby" to do list!)


chrissy said…
I should have done something for you this past weekend. Wish we were closer!! Maybe I should just wash some of the abundant baby boy clothes I have and send them off to you neatly folded then you would just need to open the box and put them away. Maybe you could even just leave them in the box and use that as a dresser?? I am not sure what will motivate you I don't think when you have the amount of children you do that you can be motivated. I imagine you are too tired from keeping up with the other little men in your life!I am tired just from one!:) Praying for you tons that the Lord would just restore that energy and give you an amazing burst and motivation to get everything done. Or well maybe Josiah can just stay in the tummy until you are ready??But I am not sure if that is a good idea either...

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