Happy Birthday, America!!

What a fun day! Despite the clouds, rain, and dreary weather, we were able to do everything we had planned for the day.

I decorated the table with our 4th of July crafts from the week, flags and candles, and new t-shirts for the boys to wear.
Good morning, sunshine :)
Sporting their new red, white, and blue :)
Waiting for the parade to start
Possibly our last family picture as the Frye Fam Five!

We grilled out at our friends' pool, the kids swam, and we
enjoyed our red, white, and blue food...
Blue chips and tortilla chips with salsa
Star-shaped sandwiches
Blue Jell-O
Red Gatorade

Next, we went to a carnival for a train ride, music, and fireworks!

It was a LONG day but full of memories and VERY worth it!!
God has truly blessed this country!


Paula Hill said…
Sounds like the Frye 5 (soon to be 6) had a wonderful 4th celebration! We are so excited that we will have a 2 new babies in our family next 4th of July. ha! Nathan & Megan will find out this month if they are having a boy or girl?? Megan is convinced it is a boy...guess we will see! ha! I am praying for you and baby Josiah and his arrival very soon. Remember "Aunt Paula" is a phone call away if I can help! Love & Hugs to all of you!

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