36 weeks and counting...

For the sake of record keeping (and to satisfy those inquiring minds :) )...
I have gained 32 lbs. to date (with 30 being the most I've ever gained before at the END of my previous pregnancies!!)
I am measuring on target (36 cm), which I have never done before. (I've always measured a couple weeks behind schedule.)
Josiah's little head is DOWN and engaged in my pelvis already. (Yes I can feel it, and Yes I have pretty much perfected the prego waddle.)

I am so curious about his arrival date and size!! I do NOT expect an early or big baby by any means based on my history, but I will be surprised if he's not any bigger than the other babies have been. We'll find out before we know it!!


you look great! All belly, of course;) Don't worry, I've got you beat on that weight thing! I've already gained 3 pounds more this time around than at delivery last time! Not sure how that happened;) I hope you aren't feeling too uncomfortable at this point. None of the other boys come early? What was the weight range with them?
Just a few more weeks!!!
I am feeling pretty uncomfortable. It gets earlier and worse each time! haha...but we're so blessed. 2 of the boys came a day before their EDD, one was a week early. Weight ranges were 6 to 7.5 lbs.

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