Saturday, July 17, 2010

36 weeks and counting...

For the sake of record keeping (and to satisfy those inquiring minds :) )...
I have gained 32 lbs. to date (with 30 being the most I've ever gained before at the END of my previous pregnancies!!)
I am measuring on target (36 cm), which I have never done before. (I've always measured a couple weeks behind schedule.)
Josiah's little head is DOWN and engaged in my pelvis already. (Yes I can feel it, and Yes I have pretty much perfected the prego waddle.)

I am so curious about his arrival date and size!! I do NOT expect an early or big baby by any means based on my history, but I will be surprised if he's not any bigger than the other babies have been. We'll find out before we know it!!


Stephen, Sara, and Gabriella said...

you look great! All belly, of course;) Don't worry, I've got you beat on that weight thing! I've already gained 3 pounds more this time around than at delivery last time! Not sure how that happened;) I hope you aren't feeling too uncomfortable at this point. None of the other boys come early? What was the weight range with them?
Just a few more weeks!!!

Anna @ FryeFamHappenings said...

I am feeling pretty uncomfortable. It gets earlier and worse each time! haha...but we're so blessed. 2 of the boys came a day before their EDD, one was a week early. Weight ranges were 6 to 7.5 lbs.

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