I've added my birth playlist to the right, in place of the old playlist. It was something I needed to work on, plus it was about time for a change to the music on the blog :) Actually, some of the songs are the same as before. When looking for songs, I wanted to look up the word, "Hosanna." I love the song, know the story, and have used the word. I found this article by John Piper and love it. I have such a better understanding now, and I have to say it is fitting for labor! "Lord, save me!!" :)

And please excuse the Jennifer Knapp song. I hope it doesn't offend anyone, but I love it and it can still be my own personal prayer during labor! :)


Rachel said…

I have to tell you that your playlist blessed Jared and I in a really neat way yesterday. I happened to click on your blog from Facebook as Jared was walking in the room for a much needed discussion. Hearing Bleaker sing praise music and even a prayer over our conversation completely changed the way that convo went. It felt like such a God thing.

Thank you for taking the time to post this playlist. It was a major blessing for us.

Also made us so grateful that we are coming back to The Village. Dallas Campus, so no Bleaker :( but still. So excited to be back!

Anna said…
Thank you so much for sharing that, Rachel! Praise the Lord for using that to bless you guys :)

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