We love the water!!

We are so thankful for water play this summer!
Swimming pools are fun, but it's a lot of work to take these 3 little boys to a pool by myself.
We rely heavily on our little backyard kiddie pool, spray parks, and the sprinkler! :)
If we choose to be outside for any length of time, there is almost always water play involved.

Last week, the older boys took swimming lessons.
Titus is already our little fish, with almost NO fear of water whatsoever!

THIS little boy, however, has always been timid about having water in his face.

I must say, he has come a long way!!

We are so proud of him and happy that he is able to enjoy himself so much more now.

Hopefully, he will be able to really learn how to swim next summer.
(baby steps...baby steps...)

And then there's Eli...watching and learning :)

and being his curious little toddler self.

Hope you are all finding fun ways to stay cool!!


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