Well, in 2 hours, it will be Day 7 of our Christmas fun. *sigh* Alas, I am behind...Surprise, surprise. We have been doing most of the things on our calendar:

Day 3 included a present to open, so of course the boys loved that :) Titus loved playing with baby Jesus, but Joseph occasionally made him mad when he kept falling over. I had forgotten about a book I bought at the Antique Mall, Journey to Bethlehem, so we read that instead of using that website I mentioned the other day. I didn't even take a picture of the Nativity set I bought. It's pretty cute and very child-friendly (while not exactly realistic, seeing as how "baby" Jesus has a FULL head of dark brown hair.) The whole reason I even bought a new nativity set is because the baby Jesus from our previous Nativity scene had gone MIA. I have to confess that ALREADY, I have no idea where the current baby Jesus is, let alone his manger or his earthly father.

We did the Snowman Felt Pictures for Day 4, a hit with Justus (but not something I would repeat next year.)

And finally, we went to the library yesterday to check out some Christmas books. It never fails that the boys want to check out movies as well, and that's fine with me. However, on this particular trip, Titus was in charge of pushing our little basket. We ended up with a video about Kwanzaa and a book about Hanukkah. Thankfully, I was able to weed through the basket without him noticing, so we made it to the check out line without any issues. Justus even told me he wanted to go check out by himself, and he wanted me to go stand "over there." Ah, it begins :) I handed him the library card with pride in my heart over his confidence and sat back and watched (well, I helped a little.)

We didn't get to the pasta dyeing today, because SOMEBODY was too busy painting t-shirts. It was fun, easy, and I'm pretty pleased with the results...it being my first time and all. I definitely need some more practice, but it looks like I'm going to have to find some girls to give t-shirts to. (Somebody ELSE thought the idea was kind of girly ;) ) I'm moving our Red and Green Lunch to Wednesday, because we have a busy next couple of days. I know lunch tomorrow and Tuesday will be rushed, and I want our Red and Green Lunch to be a special occasion (with hopefully some new-food-tasting, but shhhhh...no one is aware of my hidden motives on that one.) Hope you're having fun with your holiday festivities, whatever they may be! We'll be wading in food dye tomorrow...pray for my patience!!


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