Our Christmas Fun...Day 10

Went to the store last night for 3 huge bottles of rubbing alcohol...Still working on dyeing that pasta!!

Next up was our bean project...well, revised...to no longer accompanying the dyed pasta as a Christmas banner! Gotta go with the flow here, people!!

Hey...we all had fun doing it. That's all that matters, right :)

We started these today (ahem, today's activity) but will have to finish tomorrow:

My little arts and crafts fiend remained at the counter for quite some time after our project time was over. Can I just tell you...we went to a friend's house this morning to make a handprint Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a cool pine cone Christmas tree, we did these projects together today (not to mention the numerous projects we have been doing the past week and a half), and he still just couldn't get enough. He painted with all kinds of supplies and then cooked up some bean soup with his leftover beans. Check him out. Do you like how I plug my own blog on...my own blog??!!! Yeah, it's my blog. I can do that :)


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