Our Christmas Fun...Day 2

Today was "Decorate the house" day, so we put up the little advent tree in the boys' room, hung lights in the living room and their bedroom, put up the wreath on the front door, hung our stockings, made Christmas placemats, etc. etc. Justus has been sleeping in our room on a little crib mattress, and when we put the tree up in their room today, he informed us that he would be sleeping in his own room tonight with Titus. Hmmm, if it was really that easy, I would have gotten the Christmas tree out months ago!! We'll just have to see if it really happens. Now I'm just worried about the crazy night hours. Titus has been waking up and climbing out of his bed at random hours of the night (yes he's still in a pack and play...although I really don't know why we haven't moved him. The child will sleep anywhere, including on the floor behind his door where we have found him MANY times.) Anyway, I'm not going to get my hopes up for Justus' move. I'll keep you posted! Here's a few pictures of our morning...

Oh! And I found another idea for our 25 Days of Christmas. I'll probably add it to the Snowman Felt Picture day, since that activity will only take about 10 minutes tops IF I'm lucky. Check out this cool, easy way to make Christmas t-shirts (or any kind of t-shirts, really!!)


Anonymous said…
Brian used to write his name backward just like Justus did! ha!ha!

I love the t-shirt idea. If you perfect it, maybe you could do something with all the kids when you are here for Christmas.

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