Our Christmas Fun...Day 1

First of all, I do not want to deceive you...the following happened on Nov. 28, NOT Dec. 1. We still gave the boys the Day 1 envelope, though. It just made more sense to do the tree on a day Derek was home! We had so much fun! I love Christmas, I love traditions, and I love my family!!!

The opening of the envelope...

("See, Titus? It's the Christmas tree!!!!!!!!!!")

Putting it together...

(Eli found somebody's juice and was quite content
while we put up the tree...he didn't even try to mess with it the whole time!)

The annual passing of the branches

Justus is always our tree topper putter-upper :)

Time to get out the ornaments
(Titus found Mary and Joseph and decided to
sit down and play with those. He sang "Jesus Loves me" at his normal deafening
level. Then, Justus informed him that Joseph was "God, who died on the cross." haha)

Justus (while holding a 2003 ornament):
"See Titus? That's a 2 for you!!!!"

The Final Product
I always laugh when I see pictures of our tree.
The tacky colored lights, the handmade ornaments, the fact
that there are very FEW ornaments....
not to mention the fact that the tree itself looks like the one
from Charlie Brown's Christmas!! I love it, though. I will look back on these
pictures one day and wish I could go back. One day, we'll have that fancy tree
with white lights and really cool ornaments. As of right now,
we give each child an ornament on Christmas day that represents something
significant about their life that year...something they were "into," a special event
that occurred (i.e. "My First Christmas"), etc. At this rate, we'll be weighing that
tree down in a few years with ornaments galore!!!!

**Just wanted to bring your attention to a couple of things:
Did you notice the child gate around the tree?? We have used that thing consistently every Christmas for the past 4 years to keep the babies away from the tree. This year?? It's even more important....our tree stand is being held together by about 4 rubber bands, so the tree is just WAITING to fall down if pushed or pulled with any strength whatsoever! haha

Also, did you notice the back door wide open...and our clothing?? Some of us are in t-shirts, others are pant-less, and I think all of us were barefoot...while the DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN. I LOVE Texas weather!! Seriously, it's Christmas, and it's in the 60s to 80s.


Anonymous said…
I love it!! And, you're right, some day it will be the most beautiful tree you could ever have!

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