Is it over yet? Our Christmas Fun...Day 11

I really do enjoy doing crafts with the boys, but I have to say...doing arts/crafts lately has been a bit much for me. However, THEY are not tired of it at all!! Here are pics from today's activities...and finally, our pasta creation!! We all helped each other. (Can you guess which part was Titus' contribution?? :) )

Working on a gift for a friend...
(We'll have to see how it turns out :) )

Notice Titus' glitter tattoo? He and Justus got those
last night at the Library Christmas party.
They both chose lizards and, of course, blue glitter.
(We have washed their hands since then, but the tattoos last a few
days...or until you scrub with alcohol.....just wanted to clarify!)

And yes, of COURSE, T man is wearing his Superman costume.
Why in the world would he wear actual clothes during the day
when he can be SUPERMAN!!!????

(Titus' chair cover was drying and awaiting "ornaments.")
Guess it would have been smart of me to WASH the
pillow cases as not to have CREASES all over them!
(You live, you learn, then you learn it really doesn't matter ;) )


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