Documenting Traditions...

Every year, we get the boys Christmas ornaments to go along with a certain event that happened or something they were really "into" that year. In order to keep the stories behind the ornaments safe, I am documenting them here!

Justus -
2008, McQueen and Tow Mater - You LOVED the movie "Cars" this year, and you had so many of the characters on your clothes (not to mention the actual cars you received from us and many others!)
2009, Star Wars ball - You always pretend to be some superhero, and whenever you are a "Star Wars" character, you just say, "I'm Star Wars!!!" (Justus, you can't actually BE Star Wars, bud! Oh well... :) )

Titus -
2008, Elmo - You l.o.v.e.d. Elmo and would get so excited whenever we saw him in a store. You would sing "Elmo's World" and sit on the couch sucking your thumb and playing with your hair for an entire Elmo's World video...the only movie you would last through!
2009, Red Firework - You often compare things to fireworks ("That looks like a firework!! What's that sound?? Fireworks??!!!") It's kind of funny how often you mention it, so I thought this ornament was perfect for you. ***

Eli -
2008, First Christmas - This is your first Christmas!!!
2009, Red Guitar - I searched HIGH AND LOW for an "All I want for Christmas is my 2 Front Teeth" ornament. You are our slowest teether yet, and I thought that ornament would have been perfect for you this year. Oh well!!! Couldn't find it. I bought you a guitar, because you LOVE music. You love to dance and will dance to anything. Before bedtime and before your nap, you want me to turn on this singing bear. (In fact, you INSIST! :) ) You love when I sing to you, you love when your brothers sing, when your daddy sings, and when we turn music on in the house and dance our hearts out!

***We will give the boys their ornaments on our early Christmas day, Dec. 19, and I can't wait to see if Titus says this looks like a Firework! It is just one of those glitter-covered (what was I thinking?!), shiny, red "bursts." Don't worry, I'll take a picture when he opens it.


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