Our Christmas Fun...Day 9

We're catching up on days we have missed, so we did quite a few activities this morning! The snowflake-making, which was actually TODAY'S activity, is always so cool to me. I mean, fold up a piece of white paper, make a few cuts, and open it up to see a cool creation. Justus loves watching me do it, and he loves using scissors...but he wasn't too interested in it this morning. Another activity didn't turn out exactly as I had planned...such is life with kids!

We did have yesterday's Red and Green lunch today, but I actually posted about that here on our other blog. (Don't ask...I just like to keep some things there and some things here.)

We started our pasta dyeing this morning, but OF COURSE I didn't know we were out of something (rubbing alcohol.) I ran next door and across the street and came back with about an inch of the stuff...certainly not as much as we needed. Looks like we will have to postpone yet ANOTHER activity. We were able to make 2 bags of the pasta, one red and one green. I don't think I used as much rubbing alcohol as we were supposed to, because I was trying to stretch what we had. It will be a good test to see how it turns out, though. Once the dye has really set, we still have to give our pasta time to dry...so it's looking like this might be a long drawn-out project. Here's to hoping the boys don't lose interest!! (All Justus wants to do is eat it!) Hopefully, we'll be able to go ahead and make some letters using our beans (already naturally colorful!) this afternoon.

Justus and Titus helped themselves to a snack this morning while I was laying Eli down for a nap. Usually, this entails crackers, cereal, etc. all over the floor (not to mention an entire box of whatever it was completely not wasted.) I was pleased, then, when I saw this this morning.

No, I don't always make them wear helmets (although I have considered it.) They had just come in from riding their bikes :)


Jessica said…
haha, cute with their helmets eating their snacks so adorably!

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