The middle child

Give Eli a job, and he will do it with excellence until completion…maybe until you finally say, "OK, buddy! That's good!! Quit…go play!!" To say he is a hard worker would be an understatement. He is all business when it comes to schoolwork, football, baseball, housework. It cracks me up, but of course I love it about him. With the sweetest smile across his face, he will ask numerous times a day, "How can I help, Mom?"

Rewards and goals are the way to Eli's heart. Give him something to work for, and he'll earn it. He'll not only earn it, he'll go above and beyond. He will nail whatever it is he is supposed to be working towards, and then he'll act all sheepish when you reward him. "Me? I earned this?? What did I do?" (As if he had no idea there was a reward on the other end.) He does truly do things out of the goodness of his heart, though. He is an amazing little boy, and my days are full of feeling loved because of this child. 

If anyone is feeling bad or sad or got hurt somehow, Eli is the first to grab the ice pack, to rub their back, or to ask if they're okay. At the same time, he is rough, tough, and loves bugs. He loves working in the yard, playing any sports, and could tell me more about the NFL teams and players than I could ever care to learn on my own. 

Eli, God has taught me more in your almost 6 years of life than I ever imagined I would learn in a lifetime. He made you gentle and strong, loud yet observant, and both intentional and spontaneous. You are an amazing little boy, and I count it a privilege that the Lord chose to place you in our family. I am excited to see you grow and become a young man who continues to be focused and determined. Place yourself in the mighty hand of God, and submit to His authority, and I'm positive that He will use your hardworking, goal-oriented attributes to spread His name wherever He leads you.
We love you, Eli!!


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