He is smart, witty, and has a memory that surpasses me so much so that it truly worries me. 
Titus James is the most literal thinker, but when it comes to going against the grain and thinking OUTSIDE of the box, he's first in line. He is adventurous, courageous, outgoing, and funny. He can pick up on a play on words in a heartbeat, and he comes up with his own jokes that are actually starting to be pretty funny.

Give him used paper towel rolls, an empty box, and tape, and he will create some kind of elaborate creature or vehicle. He makes sticks, rocks, and dirt some of the most fun and interesting things to play with, and I so love that about him. He leads his little brothers in all kinds of games and shenanigans, and they love playing with him because of it. 

Still a picky eater, Titus is the one child who will request certain meals and things from the grocery store. The boy knows what he likes, and he's not afraid to voice it. He has had mohawks, buzz cuts, and more simply because he asked for them. He is a wild child at heart, but he always comes back for hugs and snuggles and to say, "I love you." He will go shirtless and shoeless anywhere we let him, and he certainly doesn't let his small stature stop him from climbing trees. 

One day, son, you will climb mountains. I'm sure of it!
We pray that you will use the leadership skills, brains, and quick wit that come from above for the glory of God and the multiplying of His kingdom.


Mimi/Jennifer said…
I am amazed at Titus' ablility, desire and joy in having such great conversations with me on the phone and in person. He always brings a smile to my face! He is definitely social but always asks how I am doing and what I've been doing! He is thoughtful and interesting as well as interested in so many things. He listens well with a sincere interest when we are talking and it is easy for me to do the same when he is telling me things. Titus, you are a true joy and blessing!!

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