Cherry on Top

Ha!! Ohhh Naomi. I could cry happy tears simply over the fact that I get to write a post about my daughter. My baby girl! Yes, many of these pictures are oh so similar to each other, but I had to post them all. The many faces of Naomi, now on display :)

One might think I could only write an update about Naomi's physical development or maybe new foods she is trying, based on the fact that she is 10 months old. However, this little girl has so much personality, I will not have enough words to express how hilarious and full of life she is. I mean, look at the faces she is making! She is a CLOWN. I pulled out the camera, and she went on ham-mode immediately.

Naomi is always on show-off alert mode. She will hold up her hands for "Touchdown" for random strangers (as if they are supposed to know what she's doing.) She has this little laugh that she pulls out of her pocket whenever the need-to-impress arises. She truly finds humor in the funniest things. She lives for attention, which is good considering how much of it she receives. She tries her hardest to speak her mind, but her squeals do wonders for keeping her brothers out of her bubble when she is sick of all the attention.

She LOVES baby dolls, dogs, balls, and anything that rolls. She uses boxes and ride-on toys to walk behind, and she even attempts push-ups next to the boys, although hers are more like donkey kicks. She  apparently thinks she needs to keep up with the boys in terms of eating habits, because she eats so much food that I have begun adding a fifth plate to the counter of food preparations. I do not know if our grocery budget was ready for such an increase so soon, but I am rolling with it and trying to keep up (and hold her over with the rest of the baby food as long as I can to fill in her hunger gaps.) 

Naomi is a precious addition to our family, and I am so, so grateful that Justus prayed for a fifth child (specifically, a girl.) God chose to say "Yes" to that prayer, and here she is, changing our lives completely. She makes us thankful to have so many kids. She was totally worth it :)

Naomi - "my delight, my pleasantness"
I am so glad this is your name. You fit that description incredibly well.
The Lord brings peace and joy to our home through you.
May you one day place your faith and trust in Him and Him alone.


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