Ninja Turtle Night

They fit their respective Ninja Turtles perfectly. They ARE the characters from the show/movie. It was only fitting that they all go as such this Halloween. If you know anything about TMNT, consider yourselves familiar with each of our boys. 

Oh and they gained a new baby turtle :)  

(the descriptions below are actual descriptions from TMNT…read  and know that it might as well be about our children (and if you actually do know our kids very well, be prepared to be astounded at the similarities) I think I actually birthed the Ninja Turtles)

Mikey aka Josiah
funny, the jokester, free-spirited, loving, M.C., class clown, stylin, and even has the favorite color orange, youngest turtle

Raph aka Eli
The rebel, fearsome and fearless, fighter, strong-minded, questions authority, has a temper and has trouble mastering his emotions, likes to be alone and have space

Donny aka Titus
brainy, creative, inventive, problem-solver, talker

Leo aka Justus
The leader, disciplined, the big brother, serious, and responsible, has a fragile ego

And of course, Master Splinter

Derek got to be the rat. I got to be the hot chick :) ha!
April O'Neil

And just like TMNT, these four get into all kinds of trouble together. Like April, I'm just here to report all of it ;)

Please note Master Splinter's tail below


Jessica said…
This is amazing! And I love seeing you in the pics. You do look super hot. Impressive!!!!
Unknown said…
I LOVE this! You DID birth the TMNT's!!!! Hilarious! That describes each one of them so accurately it is scary!!

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