Baby Boy

They say that every person plays a very specific role in their own family…that everyone adds an ingredient to their individual home. Ask anyone around here, and we will surely all answer that Josiah is the laughter and smiles of our group. The other boys are funny in their own ways, too, but Josiah takes the cake. The way he responds to certain things, or the answers he has for some of our questions crack us up regularly. I can't even explain what it is about him that is always so funny. About a week or so ago, I passed by Josiah's room after he was in bed for the night, and he called me in with his arms outstretched. "Hug! Hug!" I gave him a hug, and of course he finished it off with his signature smack of a kiss on my cheek, and then said, "There, that's better," and rolled over to go to sleep.

That's when it hit me. An old grandma. That's what he reminds me of. The sweetness he displays, the funny things he has to say…they are so funny because they aren't things a four-year-old boy should be saying. They're things a grandma would say. His facial expressions when he tells a story, the way he explains things. It's too hard for me to put into words in a blog post, but it's the way he is…you'll just have to take my word for it.

Josiah is definitely seen by all of us as the baby boy of the family. We thought he was going to be THE baby of our family, and I think we've probably always treated him that way. The boys are each a year and a half apart, but for some reason, Josiah feels like he holds a special place in this family as the youngest boy. His big brothers think he is cute when he tries to do things like them. They laugh with him over his silly four-year-old humor, and are all (usually) willing to help him when he accepts it. 

He still loves to dress up, and he still changes clothes no less than five times a day. Entire outfits are planned based on a certain color scheme, outing that day, or sports game we are watching. He is my worst laundry nightmare, but I have to admit, he comes up with some pretty cute and creative clothing arrangements. 

Josiah, your love of people is unmistakable. The joyous life you live makes everyone want to be around you. May you be called by the Lord to use these awesome qualities to make much of His name. We are  so blessed to have such a happy, fun little boy in our family. We wouldn't be who we are without you!!


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