Raising Real Men, part 11

Chapter 14, "Firing the Arrow"

What in the world is this chapter about? I'll jump right in with the quote for this week as it is the summary of this chapter, in my opinion:

"(Psalm 127:4) 'Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth.' We don't aim to hold on to our arrows all the way to the target. They're not push-pins, they're meant to fly. Our job is to shape and prepare the arrows so when they are released, they fly straight and true on their own." (p. 222)

Wow, I just love that. This whole book is really about preparing boys to BECOME MEN, but this chapter deals with specifics. How do we prepare our sons for the privileges and amazing responsibilities they will face when they are no longer under our wing? The Young's offer incredible thoughts and advice.

My favorite from this chapter was an idea to have a special celebration when your son reaches the age you consider him to be on the UP side of maturing. Gather friends and family, make a big deal about your son now growing slowly into a man, and allow those gathered to share advice, encouragement, and special gifts to commemorate this occasion. Mentoring relationships might be established here, but most importantly, the focus is shifted in everyone's minds (namely, the boy being initiated into manhood!)
(What boy would refuse a party like this, right? :) )

Here are some main points we should focus on, according to Hal and Melanie:
  • diligence
  • dependability
  • respect for authority
  • initiative
  • determination
  • financial savvy
(among many other things)

This chapter deals with college, apprenticeship, Christian vs. secular universities, and other decisions that we are not even close to making in our stage of life...but ones I certainly need to keep in the back of my mind. The Young's offer advice on many of the avenues available after high school. It is worth the read for sure!!

Well, folks! That's the end of my Raising Real Men posts!! It's been a blast, I hope you have enjoyed it. (*crickets chirping*)

On to blogging through another book...orrrrrrr not. I think I'll take a break from that for awhile ;)


Anonymous said…
How is Josiah going to handle going back to sleeping in a dark closet when he comes to our house? haha! He's going to be like, "What the .....? What kind of trick is this?" hahaha! Glad the transition has gone so well.

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