A little idea

I got this idea from the Girl Talk blog...

I will be posting a picture every week that portrays my life as a mom.
But not just "my life as a mom" in the simple way that sounds, but rather what that really means.
The point is to see the ordinary as extraordinary.
I want to do this on Mondays so I can focus my week on "why I'm doing what I'm doing."
The little things we do and see and experience as mothers are really for a greater purpose than we often stop to think about.

The dirt we clean helps make our house a home.
The noses we wipe lead our children to health.
The laundry we wash over and over again teaches us to be joyful in our serving.
The tantrums we calm teach our children self-control and proper behavior.

The "little things" really don't seem that little when we look at it with an eternal perspective.

According to the Girltalk blog, "The tedious is, in fact, momentous—when done for the sake of Christ: '…so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior”'(Titus 2:10)."

So this is my plan anyway! ;)
(and I'm certainly not committing to a year of this like they did on the Girltalk blog)

Enjoy and be encouraged!!

It really is the little things in life.

Let's look at the photographs, and see the big picture!!


I LOVE this idea. I spent a good half hour looking through their pictures. I just wish I was a better photographer! But this encourages me to take and post pictures more often. I'm so bad about only hauling out the camera for an event...the everyday is just as fascinating:)

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