Overheard today

Titus: I'm having a birthday party, want to come?
Justus: Yeah!
Titus: I'm going to make some cake.
Justus: Cake?! yuck, cake freaks me out. I want to eat healthy food.
Titus: ????
Justus: I only like healthy food, not junk food.
Titus: Well, we have carrot sticks!
(me: rolling my eyes at how unrealistic this scenario is)


Eli: We're gonna fly on an airplane?!
Mimi (on the phone): Yep! Justus, Titus, Eli, Josiah, Mommy, Grandbob, and Mimi are all going to fly on an airplane!
Eli: How 'bout that?!


Titus: meow, meow, meow, meow
(for about 30 minutes straight...That kid can turn into a cat and not turn back into a little boy for ANYTHING!! He will meow when I talk to him, lick his plate when I serve lunch, and not answer me when I'm calling him to see where in the world in the house he has gone to. It kind of drives me crazy, but he's a pretty cute kitty :) )


(Josiah drops his spoon on the floor at lunch)
Me: Uh oh!
Justus: Siah, can you say, "Uh oh?"
Josiah: Uh uh
Justus, Titus, and Eli: aaaaaaahahahahahahahaha
Titus: Siah, say, "Uh oh!"
Josiah: Uh uh
Justus, Titus, and Eli: aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha
(repeat overandoverandoverandoverandover.................)


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