Harder than I thought

Taking pictures of my family jumping on our trampoline proved to be much harder than I thought it would be.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I have a nice camera now. That, along with some photo editing software (that makes me have a lot less respect for professional photographers) cleared up a lot of the blurriness in the pictures.

I said a LOT, not all :)

My husband ended up headless in a lot of the shots.

Don't worry, he landed on his feet!!

My boys are so blessed to have such a fun dad. He plays his hardest, acts like a kid and a father all at the same time, and very rarely says "no" when asked to do things like flip on the trampoline...

or a "Will you throw me REALLY, REALLY high, Daddy?" request.

When Daddy plays, everyone is smiling and laughing, including the photographer...which probably doesn't help fend off those blurriness issues.


Jessica said…
I love trampolining! And the pictures were great!

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