Picture day!!!!

Justus and Titus had picture day a couple weeks ago, and the pictures come back tomorrow! They were so excited to have their pictures done, because the school does sibling pictures as well as individual...so they knew they would get to see each other and get a picture made TOGETHER!! Last year, Justus did NOT want his picture taken. He teared up and wouldn't "let" them take a picture, but they snapped one anyway. They ended up giving it to me for free, for which I am thankful. (I mean, how classic is a school picture with a tear running down your cheek...sad at the time, but we will laugh about it one day...I already do:)) I don't remember if we talked much about it beforehand last year, but I guess I should have prepped him more.

(sorry for the bad quality. This is a picture of the picture!:))

I made sure to do that this year, but I wasn't worried about anything since they both seemed so excited about it. Justus told me he was going to make a mean face and then a happy face. When I picked them up from school, Justus told me he forgot to make a mean face, but that he and Titus smiled. We'll find out tomorrow!!!!


Mimi said…
I definitely want some of the school photos.

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