Are you ready for some Football????? (What I Learned this Week...)

Football season is officially in full swing. Have you noticed? I think for the first time ever, I'm beginning to realize why so many moms struggle through these months with gritted teeth...

We don't want our hubby's yelling and turning up the TV with each and every replay and foul called to wake up our sleeping children on what has the potential to be a quiet afternoon filled with napping.

For some reason, whenever sports are on, I always think I hear a baby crying, a child calling my name, or someone yelling out for something. I guess it's just noises in the crowd, but it drives me crazy. (And probably drives Derek crazy, too, since I'm always saying, "Will you mute it for a second?" :) )

Husband watching football on the couch=Husband eating on the couch=Kids wanting to eat on the couch (not an easy battle)

There's something about watching grown men play football that makes our grown husbands want to wrestle more, be more manly, and yell louder and more often :) Need I explain the issues with that one?

I don't know about your husbands, but for Derek, Football Season=FANTASY Football Season, meaning he is in need want of the TV AND the computer at the same time. What's a girl supposed to do??!!

Okay, I could keep going, but I think we all get the point. It's not the 24-7 football that gets to us, it's the effects of the season on the rest of life. I am half joking, but also half serious when I list all of these things, but I WILL say that I'm glad my hubby gets to have a hobby once a year...even if it does last a looooooooooong time ;) Derek doesn't get to do much for himself, let alone zone out and relax on the couch. Go ahead, Babe, turn up the TV, lounge on the couch, and enjoy your chips and dip. Just know that whenever you have the urge to tackle someone, you have 3 little boys waiting to be taken down :)

I have joined up with the "What I learned this Week" carnival on Musings of a Housewife's blog. This is my first linked post! Come join us!! :)


JanMary said…
My dh is not remotely interested in football (soccer or American football) - and we have our own laptops!
Terra said…
I could do without the FB - I can take it or leave it...but I have girls (I guess that is good)
FeliciaE said…
oh do I feel your pain. when I married my loving Mr E I was an avid hater of ALL sports and he is a football junkie. Highschool,college and NFL. It is football from Thursday night to Monday Night all season long. And in between seasons...hes like a lost puppy. But at least it gives him something to besides bug me and I even get to use it as a barganing chip for Saturday mornings off. lol
Anna said…
JanMary, I must say, I am jealous of your personal laptops!! :)

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