The other day, J called me out to the garage. "Mom, come see this bug! It's a WORM!!!!!" I go out, expecting to see a tiny, little worm and oooooohhh no...it was a fat, red worm (or slug, I guess?!) I kept my composure, quietly praising the Lord that Eli (who was sitting right beside us watching the "worm") did not catch and eat this disgusting creature. I grabbed a shoe box, we caught the "worm," and J and T insisted that we keep him. Justus wanted to see the nasty thing eat, so while explaining that he probably would not just eat on command so we could watch him (bleh!!!), we went out front for J and T to collect some dirt, grass, and leaves to complete their new pet's home.

I guess I am glad the boys are not scared of bugs and worms. They love dirt and all that, so I suppose I am proud of that:) And it turns out, the "worm" didn't remain in our family very long anyway. (Maybe slugs don't eat grass and leaves?!)

And I must say, I am a little disappointed in the picture I took of the slug. I promise, it was much bigger than it looks!!


Anonymous said…
That is some sort of worm, not a slug:) Slugs look like snails without the shell. Gross. I know this because both E and J love worms, bugs, and all things creepy from outdoors.
I think it may be some kind of grub worm. Have fun with all that:)
Anna said…
I wasn't sure!! I actually came in and googled slug (after Derek told me that's what it was) and saw exactly what you sent me:) hahaha I don't know!! It definitely had 2 little antenna lookin things on it like the slugs in the picture. Who knows...I don't even want to think about it anymore! BLEH!! hahaaha (Maybe it was a cross-breed! aaaaaa! haha) You always make me laugh:)

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