A Few things to Remember...

For my beloved friends who are concerned about getting sick this awful flu season:)

1. The H1N1 virus is not even as serious as the "common" flu! They actually said this on the news the other night.
2. Most, if not all, of the people who have died from the flu had underlying causes. (pneumonia, a compromised immune system b/c of a disease or other illness, etc.)
3. A fever is present because it is FIGHTING off the sickness. Please do not freak out about it, and PLEASE do not try to "bring it down." God is amazing, and he created this miraculous body to heal itself. Allow the fever to do its job. Help the fever do the work by resting and letting your body do what it needs to do to kill the virus.
4. The flu vaccine (those presently being given and those to come) might possibly do more harm than good. I'm not saying don't get it. I'm just saying, do your research. And know this: You can request a flu vaccine without the eggs, preservatives and other nasty things. Check this out for great factual/non-biased info. on the H1N1 vaccinations. I haven't checked all the data, so don't hold me responsible!:)
5. Wash your hands on a normal basis (don't be crazy about it), take probiotics, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, and get adjusted. I'm not just saying that last part b/c Derek is a soon-to-be Chiropractor either. (He doesn't even get paid for it yet!!) I'm just saying...boost your immune system in every way you can.
6. Clean your house with natural cleaning products, so you don't kill your body's natural defense mechanisms with gross chemicals. (Use vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, etc.)
7. Get fresh air. Don't stay inside all the time!!! Your body needs to see the sun, and your mind needs to relax!
8. Pray for protection over your family. Pray for health!!
9. If you do get sick, just rest, drink a ton of water, and eat what sounds good to you! Chances are, your body will crave just what it needs.
10. Don't believe everything your doctor or your child's pediatrician tells you. Think for yourself and for your child, and don't run to the drugstore with the many prescriptions they hand you. Taking antibiotics or any other kind of medicine might possibly not have ANY effect on your illness. Sometimes, the "best" it will do is relieve you of your symptoms. (And maybe your symptoms just don't need to be relieved!)

Now, I am preaching to the choir on some of these things. I mean, I just stopped for a coke from Sonic while I was out running errands the other day! Sometimes, though, I think people go so overboard about getting sick. Sure, it's not fun, and if it's your child who is sick, you can feel so helpless. A lot of us only hear mainstream ideas about treating illnesses, though, and I just thought I'd throw a few OTHER ideas out there :) I just want to remind us all to embrace the knowledge God has given us, respect our bodies and their natural God-given healing mechanisms, and THINK FOR OURSELVES!!!


Jessica said…
hey sweet friend. loved catching up on your blog and the lives of all of you guys. sorry I haven't been as available as normal. your blog cracked me up many many many times.

thanks! love you, miss you guys

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