Our personal stones of remembrance

Above the fireplace, we have a mantle

and on that mantle, we have placed stones of remembrance

monumental events that have changed our lives forever

moments that remind us that God is there, has been there, will be there forevermore

a simple "Howdy" representing our move here to Texas when we first married...a move away from family, a move that demanded we be independent, yet dependent on the Lord's help

the first framed picture of me and my firstborn...the one who made me a mommy. I had NO idea how much that would incredibly change my life!!

a picture of a boy, taken the day after he was saved out of the water when he was just 2

a photograph taken of my husband kissing me on the day of his graduation...a new DOCTOR...Chiropractic would change our lives in so many ways, and God got us through those tough 3 years...4 tiny children, 3 long years of me being pregnant and breastfeeding, 3 years of not knowing what next??

Where does our help come from? Our help comes from the Lord, maker of Heaven and Earth...and while I might not live like that on a daily basis...while I often lean on my own understanding and my own strength to get through life's hassles and heartaches, these stones of remembrance stand to remind me of Who truly holds us. The One Who will never leave us nor forsake us. When our children, or guests in our home see these stones, they will serve as our testimony. GOD has brought us here, for a purpose. May He be glorified!!!


chrissy said…
Wow Anna, That is beautiful. What a great reminder and awesome testimony. Not just to your guests but as you said to yourself. I totally get how you said you just get so caught up in the hassles and such of life and "forget" these times. If you come to my house and see something similar I hope you do not get upset and think I am a biter. I will totally give you all the credit for the idea;)
Chrissy, steal my ideas....That is why I post them :) Plus, I got this general idea from another mom anyway, so we can all share!!

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