Taking a sick day...

Poor little Eli was sick today, throwing up and sneezing a ridiculous amount of times in a row (with the snotty nose to prove it, I might add!!) In an effort to make this day as easy as I could, I put up the baby gate and confined him to the kitchen and garage. The irony of it all? The kids had a blast, because it was such a change from our typical routine.

Playing in the garage

He's cute even when he's sick :) Notice the apple and "sick juice" (Pedialyte) in the cup holders behind him? I had him on the b.r.a.t. diet all day!!

(side note: See the shirt Titus is wearing? We went clothes shopping for Justus the other day, and apparently Titus, wanting to be included in the affair, took matters into his own hands by tossing this one into the cart after I told everyone that we were JUST shopping for Justus. Don't worry, I did pay for the shirt...just didn't know I had bought it until we got home and emptied the bags!)


(Titus being a rebel very creative artist)

and Playing with anything and everything he could find in the kitchen


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