Confession time

I'm going to share something out of a dark closet today...
except, it's not really a big secret if you are a mom.
We all go through this on an almost weekly basis.
I want to share with you what I lovingly like to call accurately have dubbed
"Catch up on laundry day"

What you see here is the exact reason behind my "one load of laundry a day" rule.
Except sometimes, that one load of laundry doesn't happen, and (over time) THIS massacre takes over our playroom.

I used to have a "laundry day" that occurred once a week. I would drag our laundry baskets into the laundry room, wash and dry everything in as many loads as were necessary, and fold and stack each person's clean clothes in birth order on top of the couch. (Derek's, mine, Justus', and Titus') See how I stopped at Titus' name? That's because once we had a fifth person in our family, I quickly realized doing laundry once a week was not a good idea. It was overwhelming, to say the least. Now that we have SIX people in our family??!

I'm beginning to think I might need to establish a "2 loads of laundry a day" rule. Maybe then, THIS sight would be a rarity.

Want to know something even more depressing? There are at least 3 stacks of folded clothes on top of my dresser in our bedroom downstairs, and at least one FULL basket of clothes needing to be washed in the laundry room as I write this.
Read: We have too many clothes.


Jessica said…
I understand, even though I'm not a mom!

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