A Justus Funny

Justus is getting so big, so smart, and so funny. Sometimes, he is the funniest when he doesn't even try to be. I tell myself at least twice a day, "I should write that one down." This conversation occurred at lunch today:

Justus: "Mom, what does (whispering the word) stupid mean?"
Me: "Well, it means 'not smart.'"
J: "Not smart?"
M: "Yep. Justus, you know there are some words Daddy and I don't want you and your brothers to say, because they are just not nice words. There isn't really such a thing as a 'bad' word. The word 'stupid' is even in the Bible. Sometimes, adults can use words like that, because we know the correct time to use it."
J: "So what can I say if someone isn't smart?"
M: "Well, you don't really need to say anything about it if someone isn't smart. You should always speak kindly and with love."
J: "Well, if someone isn't smart, I can just tell them, 'It's okay, you'll get used to it.'"


Anonymous said…
That's sweet Justus alright! He's really special & so fun to be around!!
Jessica said…
hhhhhahaha, I can totally see that conversation happening. Good thinking, Justus!

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