60 Minutes

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...
It takes...
1 minute to ***
5 minutes to take a really quick shower before my kids notice I am missing and decide to come looking for me
10 minutes to clip 80 nails on the fingers and toes of my freshly bathed little boys
15 minutes to whip up a quick lunch for 3 kids (probably less than that if I'm really in a hurry and children are crying at my feet)
20 minutes to get to Bible study on Tuesdays and MOPS on Fridays. (Two of my favorite destinations of the week!!)
25 minutes total a day to start a load of laundry in the washer, switch it to the dryer, fold and put it away when it is dry. This is when I actually KEEP to my "one load of laundry a day" policy!! I very much prefer this method as opposed to having a "laundry day" like I used to. THAT took me about 5 hours when all said and done.
30 minutes to eat my own lunch, clean up the kitchen from the boys' lunch, check my email/facebook/blogs I follow, and enjoy a little time to myself while the big boys have TV time in the afternoon.
35 minutes to get all 4 boys into shoes, in the car, buckled in, with all of our cups of water, diaper bag full of necessities, toys for the car ride, and out the garage on the way to a destination. Okay, okay, it doesn't really take that long. Sometimes, though, it sure feels like it!
40 minutes to watch a 60 minute TV show online. (Gotta love the absence of commercials...totally worth not watching it when it originally airs on TV.)
45 minutes to drive to church NO longer!!! We are officially only 10 minutes from church and LOVING it!!
50 minutes to think up, write out, and post a blog post like this one.
55 minutes to get ready for bed, finish up my nightly "chores," and fall asleep in bed. Roughly 30 minutes of this is me actually laying in the dark room trying to go to sleep. And for the record, Derek is asleep about 1.5 seconds after his head hits the pillow.
60 minutes to put Justus, Titus, Eli, and Josiah to bed when Derek is not home. Read: WAY too long!!

***I really, truly racked my brain and could not think of anything that takes just one minute. Really?! Is there nothing that only takes just one little minute? No, when kids are involved (especially with a 3-year-old who likes to do EVERYTHING himself and at his own pace), I think not.

I know, I know...technically, that wasn't 60 total minutes. Would you really have wanted to read that much???!!


Jessica said…
Brian is the same way about falling asleep in 1.5 seconds! Drives me crazy

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