Titus is 2 today!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. I can't believe it:) Two years ago today, Titus was born. I hung streamers in Titus' doorway last night (a family tradition), and Justus and I went into his room this morning singing "Happy Birthday to You!!" He wasn't too enthused...He sucked his thumb, twirled his hair, and listened and then asked for his oatmeal and milk once we finished singing. After breakfast, though, I gave all 3 boys a bath, and Mimi called to sing to him. He LOVED it this time and had a huge smile on his face. Justus and I have been talking all day about it being Titus' birthday, and by lunch, he was singing "Happy Birthday" to himself. hahaha

Titus is such a happy kid. He loves to smile and laugh, and he copies EVERYTHING Justus does. He is getting very good at running and actually has the "correct form." He looks so cute with his arms bent...like he's really running with a purpose now:) His favorite toys are his football guys and Shrek toys (still!) He will play with them for an entire day, and we actually have to take them away when he gets too obsessed about it. (He will get to the point where he wants to gather every single football guy and helmet in his arms when we're leaving the house.)

Titus loves "Jesus Loves Me" and will often sing it to himself before he falls asleep at night. It's so sweet. He keeps us consistent about praying before dinner, and he yells "Yea!!!!!!" while clapping when we say "Amen." He still doesn't eat much, but he's certainly beginning to talk about being a "Big boy." Yes, Titus, you're a big boy...all 20 pounds of you:)

Speaking of talking, Titus has become quite the loquacious child. He will talk to just about anyone, about just about anything:) The other day, someone at church asked him what his name was, and Titus proceeded to tell her everything but his name..."Justus, jacket, Eli, Mommy, Daddy, etc." He's very observant and a little more timid than he used to be, but I definitely wouldn't call him shy. I think Titus is going to be an outgoing, adventurous little guy.

Titus, we're so blessed to have you in our family. You are a great cuddler, make us laugh all the time, and oh, that smile! You may be small for your age;), but we can't wait to see the big things God has planned for your life. Happy birthday!!!!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Titus!! You are a miracle from God and a blessing to us!! What a joy you are!!
Jessica said…
Who is Mimi? And I love that about him not being too overly-excited by the birthday song in the morning.

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