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I have been reading articles this morning from people's blogs,, and different websites, and I am so discouraged by people's judgmental, "this is the way it is" opinions. It always bothers me when people talk about their religious/spiritual "convictions" as their opinions. If you really BELIEVE that Christ is the one and only way to Heaven, I don't see the need to say, "Well, that's just what I believe." If you ACTUALLY think that Christ is the only way to Heaven, then it's not "JUST" what you believe, you think it's true for everyone else, too, right? ...even if THEY don't believe that!

Anyway, that's not what I got on here to write about:) After reading all of these articles about people's opinions on parenting issues, such as breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, selective vaccinating or not vaccinating at all, circumcision, breastfeeding in public, etc., I was so annoyed. I actually AGREED with all but one article I read, but the opinionated and judgmental way everything was being stated as FACT drove me nuts. I think most people agree that "Breast is Best," and the vast majority of researchers and people don't agree with the prior thinking that circumcision was necessary for the health of the male. So many parenting issues, though, are actually inconclusive and cannot just be stated as fact!!! Sleeping with your baby is great for some people, including our family. I love talking with my friends about the benefits of that (and encouraging them to do so), but I'm certainly not going to say it's the only way to do it...and you'd better believe that I'm not going to say you shouldn't put your baby somewhere other than your bed. People can make their own decisions!!!! It's the same with the vaccination issue. We have made our decisions based on our own convictions and research, but when people ask us about it, we strongly believe the choice should lie in the hands of the parents BECAUSE THEY ARE THE PARENTS!!

God is an all-knowing God, and because of that, I believe He has ordained each of us specifically to parent the children He has blessed us with. I believe He placed certain children with certain parents, based on the child's personalities and the child's specific physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. I guess I was frustrated this morning after reading what I thought was going to be good material and needed to vent about the opinionated articles that, in reality, might only make people LESS encouraged or inclined to open their minds to new ideas or new ways of parenting.

When I was a first-time mom, I had no idea what I believed. I had not formed my opinions yet, so I picked up a couple books, read them, and followed them to a "T." Now that I'm on baby #3 and have been exposed to many different parenting views, I have had the chance to form my own opinions and beliefs about things like circumcision, breastfeeding in public, co-sleeping, etc. I simply want other parents to have that chance, and so many of these articles don't offer that.

Christ IS the only way to Heaven. I just know that and don't feel legalistic or politically incorrect saying that. It IS my belief and what I base my life on, and it's what I am here on earth because of and for!!! Parenting issues, on the other hand, should be decided by the parents God has placed above the children in their care. We cloth diaper because we believe it's the best financial issue for our family, it's healthy for our kids, and it's great for the environment. We breastfeed, let the baby sleep with us, and I stay at home with the kids, because we feel those are great, healthy ways to bond with our children and show them love.

Thanks for reading my vent:) Apparently, I was feeling the need to be an adult this morning!! My prayer is that I will never come across as judgmental on these and other parenting issues. I do NOT know what is best for your children. Have a happy, hopefully non-opinionated Thursday!!


Anonymous said…
You go girl!! I agree!! And to anyone I've presented myself as dogmatically opinionated to, I apologize. I am changing as God is changing me. And, I thank Him for it!!

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