I never thought I would say this...

We have a trampoline...
I never thought I would say that!
We have had only minor injuries so far,
and I'm hoping this contraption does not send us on our first ER run.

We play Marco Polo, Ring Around the Rosie, Hide and Seek (don't ask), and break the egg on our trampoline.

Three out of five of our current jumpers can do tricks so far (although they are not very impressive tricks, but we're working on that :) )

Much to my surprise (or not), the jumping/wrestling/rolling the boys do on this thing does not even begin to wear them out. It's a fact: their energy is endless!!


Jessica said…
Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm so behind on your life since I'm only just now reading this! I LOVE trampolines! So glad you guys got one.
jill and jeannine said…
Wow fun!!! How big is it??? We have one too, it is a 12 foot trampoline with enclosure. Everyone loves it. (EVEN JOEL, who of course is too big and jumps way too hard and then eventually breaks the net. Good thing Gary has pull ties.LOL!) Enjoy!
Ours is 12 ft. too! I wouldn't let the boys jump on it until we bought the enclosure...except of course someone did, and that someone got a huge knot on his head and big scrape to help me prove my rule of no jumping without the net!! I think Eli loves it the most out of all of them (well, not counting our 10-16 year old neighbors :) )

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