A Day in the Life:: Weekend Edition

6:30 am: Josiah is awake and wanting to nurse. He has been waking up around 6:30 every day lately, and it's slowly killing me. I feed him and get back in bed, although I shouldn't...we have to get up in 30 minutes and the little sleep I get will only be a tease.
7:00 My cell phone alarm goes off. Why are we getting up so early on a SATURDAY?!!
7:30 We have snoozed long enough. Derek gets up to get the boys up and around for breakfast and to get them dressed in their baseball gear. It's going to be another busy Saturday, but once I am dressed and moving around, I am excited about the day.
8:30 We load up in the car and head off to Titus' game.
9:30 T's game is over (his are very short :) ), and we head across town for a Police (Fallen Officers) Fundraiser and motorcycle show. Derek's office has a booth set up there, so the boys and I walk around to look at ALLLLL of the motorcycles (they were EVERYWHERE, and the boys were enjoying themselves immensely!) We watch a couple motorcyclists go through the stunt course and head over to the playground to play and have snacks. We re-join Derek and spend some time in the shade with complete strangers. The boys take and eat food from said strangers (note to self: I should probably get around to teaching our kids the "don't take food from strangers" rule.)
1:00 We are exhausted from the sun and heat, so we pack up again and head home. We grab some lunch on the way home, and Derek and Justus eat and run off to Justus' t-ball game. I am blessed by my husband to be able to stay home with the 3 nappers, so I set myself up on the couch with my food, the computer, and complete silence!!! LOVELY!!!!!
2:30 Titus is up from his nap, so we enjoy snacks, legos, and a puzzle together.
4:00 Derek and Justus come home, and Titus, Josiah and I run to Lowe's to buy some stuff for yard work. When we get back, we all head outside to play and work in the yard. The neighbor's puppy comes over to play, the boys race, ride their bikes, play in the dirt, and do whatever else it is they do. (Time always flies when we're outside playing, and sometimes I am left thinking, what in the world did we DO the whole time?! I love it...)
6:30 I bring Josiah in for bed, and I head back outside, reminded of how much I love this early-bedtime stage during the spring/summer months. We still have so much daylight left!! We visit with neighbors, work on the yard some more, and come in only because we are finally out of sunlight.
8:30 We eat dinner. Yep, I said it. We ate dinner at 8:30. Derek takes the boys upstairs for bed, and by 9:30, our day is finally over! Whew!!! Such is life on Saturdays for probably the next 16 years of our lives, right?!!


Jessica said…
I love the "a day in the life" posts. Sounds like a busy fun family!

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