Can I brag?

I just want to brag on God...

I have posted before about how the Lord has blessed my homeschooling efforts in very obvious ways. Just yesterday, the "Sid the Science Kid" show on PBS Kids was about freezing water...on the day we were going to do an experiment with frozen water. Things like that seem to happen often, and I am continuously amazed (and obviously encouraged!)

In the past week, I have been reading about prayer, being convicted of the need to do it more often and with more purpose, and talking to the boys about my shortcomings in faithfully praying with them. Yesterday, we painted the word "PRAY" together and put it up in the kitchen as a reminder to do it more ("without ceasing" as our verse of the week says.) I also (completely randomly) listened to Be Thou My Vision and posted some of the lyrics on the blog as a reminder to myself to seek the Lord's pleasure and not man's approval. I can't even put into words everything God has been revealing to me and the ways He has confirmed my thoughts and my heart and my desires. The coolest thing in all of this happened this morning...I logged onto Facebook and saw on our church's wall a YouTube video of a sermon jam someone created on one of our pastor's sermons on prayer. God kept the awesome ball rolling when He inspired this person to set that sermon jam to none other than "Be Thou My Vision." Enjoy :)


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