Forget the birds and the bees talk

No one tells you to talk to your kids about losing their first tooth!!

Justus: Look, Mom, what happened?!
Me: Oh my goodness! You're losing your first baby tooth!
Justus: (look of worry on his face) HUH?

Me: (wiggling his tooth in the aisle of Walmart and almost passing out at all my memories of having my own teeth pulled) You lose your baby teeth, so your big boy teeth can come in! (Well, that does sound kind of scary, doesn't it? kind of like he's going to be without any teeth!)
J: Is it going to hurt?
Me: (oh brother, how do I answer this one?) It won't hurt if it just falls out on its own...
J: Can I still eat????
Me: Yes, of course you can still eat. You won't lose all of your teeth at once. Do you want me to pull it out?
J: (reluctantly nods his head)

haha I totally wasn't prepared for any of this. What do I say? What do I do with the tooth? Do we do the Tooth Fairy thing?

I'm actually impressed that Justus took all of this with such ease. Knowing his personality, I probably would have guessed he would have flipped out (especially without having any prior knowledge as to what was going to happen.) He was a brave boy, and in case you're wondering if he is dreading the loss of more teeth, know this:
The dollar under his pillow this morning has definitely lit his desire to lose more!


Anonymous said…
GOOD for you Justus!! What a great story Anna! I'm glad you didn't pass out, especially in Walmart!!
Jessica said…
Haha, how cute! He trusts you so much. I don't know what I would say either...but a dollar would be awesome for anyone!
Tosca said…
ok, so how did you pull out the tooth? Marco has had his first loose tooth and is afraid to even wiggle it. I can see the permanent tooth coming in behind it and I really don't want to have the dentist pull it out. I'm tempted to just sneak attack him and pull it myself but I don't want to traumatize the boy. :)

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