So sad

My camera is in the shop again. I can't believe it. We have done so many fun things for our 25 days of Christmas (I mean, minus the entire week we skipped when I was in bed with the flu), and I haven't been able to photograph ANY of it!! :(

We have shopped for each other's Christmas gifts (which Derek and I quickly realized was still a little bit of a hard concept for a couple of they gravitated towards gifts THEY wanted and then proceeded to place them in the cart "for their brother(s).")

We had red snow cones (frozen cherry kool-aid) in green cups (had to make it Christmas-y!!)
(would have been such cute pictures if I had a camera, I must add!)

We have been adding little "ornaments" about Jesus on our paper Christmas tree, and I'll just have to take a picture of that at the end of our 25 days...when I'll HOPEFULLY have my camera back!

We made Christmas cookies, and I have to say it is getting easier as they get older. I mean, really Justus is in the only one in the "older" category in my opinion, but that boy flattened out his cookie dough, cut out each shape with his cookie cutter, placed them on the cookie sheet, and decorated them with icing and sprinkles when they were done. I seriously could have left him to work on his own if it weren't for the cooking in the oven part. I was shaking my head in amazement and laughing the whole time he worked, and he kept saying, "What are you laughing at?!" haha

Since we skipped that whole week when I was sick, I need to go through my list and narrow down the activities we have left. We only have ONE week until Christmas, I can't believe it...I want to make the most of it and overwhelm them with Christmas fun :) The boys are loving the countdown to Christmas day, but I think it's slowly killing them at the same time. Derek and I wrapped some presents tonight, and Justus couldn't even go to sleep. Apparently, he could hear us downstairs and knew EXACTLY what we were doing. "Are you wrapping mine first?" (nice to know he always thinks of others more highly than himself, right?!) I told Derek we better not even tell them on Christmas Eve that Christmas is the next morning. Justus probably won't be able to contain himself.

Well, I know posts like these are boring without pictures, so I'll stop now. Hope I get my camera back this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I might have to go buy myself a little Christmas present if not, if you know what I mean ;) )


Christi said…
Justus is getting so grown up! We still haven't done cookies. I need to. LJ would love it more this year also. She has also been begging to open presents. I tried to appease her yesterday with a coloring book, but I think that just gave her the idea that she could have another one today. :)

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