Tis the Season

...for the flu...hence my absence!

...for beautiful lights outside your house and inside on your Christmas tree(s)!...
except the lights on our new front door wreath are burnt out...and the plug on our Christmas tree lights in the living room is so messed up you have to keep bending it this way and that and if you're lucky, it ends up working...and since I've been sick and we haven't really eaten dinner together at the kitchen table, we don't even bother to turn the lights on the little tree in there.

...for doing fun things like "25 Days of Christmas Fun"...except when mama is sick, things like that just don't happen!

...for changing your blog to look all cute and Christmas-y with your family Christmas picture up top and red and white and green colors covering the background...but we all know that hasn't happened!!

Things are ending up being a little different than we had planned for ourselves this Christmas season!!


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