Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...

Welcome to the Freak show!!
I get a lot of "looks" and questions/comments when I am out and about. Sometimes it seems I cannot even go into a store without feeling like a circus show!! Maybe it's because I have four kids. Maybe it's because they're all boys.
Maybe it's because they are all ages 5 and under. Maybe it's because I carry the baby in a wrap, and that's not something you see every day. I admit it looks very funny seeing kids hanging off every corner of the grocery cart. Whatever the reasons, the questions and comments can sometimes sound downright rude if you ask me. Sometimes, they are sweet, encouraging words that make my day. Sometimes, people's reactions make me laugh. The other day, Derek took us all out to get donuts, and I saw a man, staring at our table-full, mouth to his wife, "Holy crap!" When he noticed I saw him, he said, "Wow. When they get older, you all are going to have one (heck) of a defense." When a woman becomes pregnant and begins having children, the entire public apparently gains a Free Access card to give their opinions and say whatever is on their minds at any given moment.
Well, inquiring minds, for your information :) ...

Yes, these are all our children.

No, none of them are accidents!

Yes, we do have a TV and know how to use it. (??!!!??)

No, my hands are not hands are overflowing. Last time I checked, I only had two hands, and I have four children. Now, would you like to keep your questions to yourself and lend me a hand??

Yes, I actually enjoy what I do.

No, I don't get much time to myself, but such is the season of my life...and I am enjoying it!

Yes, they are all boys.

No, none of them are twins. They are each a year and a half apart. (2 of them just happen to weigh the same thing :) )

No, I'm not sad that I haven't "gotten" my girl yet! These guys are a blast. (And if you ask 2 of my sons that question, they say maybe the next baby will be. HA!! Aren't they so cute?!)

And finally, I don't know if we will have anymore, but is that really your business?! I don't even know your name!!

So please stop staring. We're just normal people with a lot of little boys.
We love them, we DO know how this happens, and yes, we know they're going to eat us out of house and home, all be in college at the same time, and end up costing us a fortune. Drop some money in the diaper bag as you walk by if it would make you feel better!! :)


Cindy said…
I could add to your list of comments. I used to have a list of responses :) I think the one comment that stands out most is, "I'll send you a sympathy card."
Anonymous said…
Anna, I love this post!!! Even with "just" my three I used to get crazy comments! Sometimes it amazes me what people just "feel" they have to say. hahaha!
love this post! I must say, I find myself staring at large families all the time. Not in a hateful way, just curious. I always ask my husband, "think we can handle that?" or "Is that us in a few years?" So maybe they're just watching:) I can't believe some of those comments, though!

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