A Day in the Life (of cleaning our house!)

8:00 Up and at 'em. Take a quick shower before Derek leaves for work. Josiah is awake but happy in his bed for now.
8:30 Derek leaves, and I come out to make coffee. Change Eli's clothes and diaper, change Josiah's clothes and diaper. Nurse Josiah. Fix a cup of coffee, add chocolate syrup to make it a mocha. Dry and fix hair, get myself dressed. Justus is playing on the computer, and Titus is playing with Lego's in the school room.

9:30 Come out to kitchen to fill everyone's cups with water. Titus and Eli work well together doing the Truck Puzzle Book (a miracle!) Head upstairs with all the boys to play. We build with blocks, I talk with Eli about the colors red and blue, we read books, I drink my coffee and enjoy watching my fun kids in action. Josiah lays on his tummy taking it all in. Start load of laundry.

10:00 Josiah is ready for a nap, so I leave the older boys upstairs and come down to nurse him and lay him down.
10:30 Back upstairs to begin cleaning. I must first clean this mess (and much more not seen here) before I can vacuum!

Sort through toys, put things in right places, clear the floor, and vacuum. Replace a few light bulbs, break up a few fights, discreetly throw away a few broken toys.
11:30 Wet laundry to dryer, new load in washer, downstairs to make lunch.
12:00 I decide to let the boys watch a movie and eat lunch in the living room, since I need to vacuum it this afternoon anyway. Yell upstairs to tell them lunch is ready, and Titus comes down the stairs saying, "Movie night! Movie night!" Get everyone situated and head into the kitchen to clean up in there. Load and run dishwasher, wash some by hand, clean counters.

12:45 Movie is over. Titus and Eli upstairs for naps. Josiah is awake, so I nurse him and put him in the swing. Clean kitchen table, sweep, and let Justus help me clean the floor with a spray bottle and wash cloth.
1:15 Eat my lunch while writing the above for this post :) Now time to get off of computer to mop kitchen floor, change Josiah's diaper, and do school with Justus. I'll be back tonight!!
Oh my I am back, and it is 10:00...I probably won't remember everything we did :)
2:00 School with Justus, Justus takes a break to play with Josiah, I videotape Josiah laughing...so cute!! ;), Justus has computer time
3:30 Titus gets up, big boys have a snack, Josiah is ready for a nap
4:00 Eli is up, 3 boys out back to play
4:30 Everyone out front to play, because it is 70 degrees today and we are taking advantage!! Josiah eventually wakes up and joins us. Neighborhood kid comes over to play football and t-ball. I chat with neighbors, we lose a baseball, kids play chase/ride bikes/scooters, Titus tries out the roller skates and CRACKS me up, and we finally decide to come inside when it gets so dark we can no longer see each other (I figure that's probably not very safe while trying to supervise 3 kids running around :) )
6:30 Make the kids something to eat, do puzzles with Titus, nurse and change Josiah for bed, head upstairs to get everyone else ready for bed while Josiah watches
7:30 Daddy is home, and I head downstairs to put Josiah to bed.

*Sit down to write up the rest of this at 10:00 and realize I never vacuumed downstairs....reconsidering the title of this post "A Day in the Life (of cleaning our house vacuuming the upstairs and mopping the kitchen floor) Whoohoo! It's the little accomplishments, right?! :)*


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