Dear Diary, I'm over it...

This season, that is. No, I'm not over the REASON for the season!! That...Jesus...I celebrate every day. Call me Scrooge if you must, but this year (around our house) Christmas seemed like it lasted about a week. Now that Christmas DAY is over, I am just ready to take down Christmas decorations, put things back in their normal places, and go back to regular life.

We didn't have family in town for Christmas. We didn't visit family for Christmas. My husband got a whole measly day off for Christmas. Don't get me wrong. Christmas was wonderful. I love buying things for my amazing husband and my kids. I love seeing their excitement, the joy they have on Christmas morning, their greed (! oh wait, that I don't like.)

I have been a lazy bum this past week (and this week isn't looking much better.) I haven't wanted to cook, I've let the dishes get out of hand more than once, and we haven't done school in a long time. I told Derek last night I have been trying my hardest to give myself a vacation, but it's just not happening. My solution? Get back to real life. I think the Christmas season put me in this zone, and I'm ready to get out! Sorry if the Christmas-themed blog background and "decorations" were taken down too early for your liking. I just needed closure, and somehow that helped.

All that to say, "Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Welcome to January (I'm pretending it's here already) and normal life :) " Now, I need to go set up for school and hopefully have some things to post on the home schooling blog here soon!!!!!


Cindy said…
You aren't the only one ;)
It usually gets to be too much for me too.
Kacy Neinast said…
Anna! Of course I remember you and I am so glad to find your blog so I can keep up with what is going on with all of your boys! and I am glad Christmas is over too!

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