Top 25 Reasons I'm NOT Supermom

1. I lose my temper and yell at my kids sometimes.
2. I consistently cloth diaper Eli, but while I have an entire stock of cloth diapers on the changing table for Josiah, I continue to buy humongous (expensive) boxes of disposable diapers for him.
3. My kids get one bath a week, 2 if they're lucky. If they get into some dirt outside or get messy eating during the day, I take care of it at the kitchen/bathroom sink with a few pumps of hand soap.
4. My kids fight over toys. They hit, they bite, they push and kick each other.
5. At any given moment, at least one child probably has snot or food crusted on their face.
6. Sometimes, one child will not have a clean pair of shorts or a clean shirt and will have to borrow clothes out of a sibling's drawer.
7. I have dirty dishes in the sink 98 percent of the time.
8. I re-use spit-up-on blankets and burp cloths often.
9. Sometimes, when my kids draw on themselves with marker, I don't wipe it off.
10. Sometimes, when my kids draw on the backseat of the van, I don't clean it.
11. I am writing this post in about 100 different sittings in a matter of 1 hour while 3 of my 4 children are awake and playing all around me.
12. I find myself very hungry at 10:30 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon and realize I did not ever eat breakfast/lunch.
13. Sometimes, we take a week off of home schooling because I just can't bear the thought of it.
14. My husband comes home from work after 7:30 and doesn't eat dinner until 8:30 or 9 sometimes. (And it's usually a little of this and that...not even always very warm.)
15. I have about 5 different "projects" going on at any given time (switching closets and dressers from warm weather to cold weather clothes, organizing something, etc.)
16. We do not always pray and thank God for blessing us before meals.
17. Often, when my children want to share the food on my plate, I am selfish and tell them, "No."
18. As of right now, I do not know what we're having for dinner tonight (nor if we even have enough food in the house to actually have a "real" dinner.)
19. Sometimes, my kids eat a various assortment of carbs for lunch (popcorn, crackers, and a granola bar, for instance.)
20. Lately, I have been drinking a can of coke in the morning for the caffeine boost.
21. I sometimes skip words or pages at a time when I read long storybooks to my kids.
22. Sometimes, I ask my 3 and 5 year olds ever so politely to "Please, just...stop...talking."
23. There are days when I do not get dressed until my husband is on his way home from 7:30 pm.
24. When a tall coffee table fell over on top of my 2 year old and a hand held vacuum I had just bought the day before also fell and broke in the process, I was more concerned about the broken vacuum.
25. My children might know that Bach had 20 children, played the organ, and wrote classical music, but they do not know the name of our president.

(and that's just the TOP 25!)

All of this to tell those of you who call me "Supermom," stop :) I am not perfect, I cannot (and do not) do it all. I think the more kids we have, the more I have to just give up control of different things. I told Derek the other day that I am just going to "embrace" a messy house :) There is no way I can NOT have piles of dirty and clean clothes laying around at times. I cannot stay on top of the dirty dishes, messy floors, and making sure there is just the right amount of food for healthy, balanced meals every single time I cook. A couple weeks ago, the boys were all sick, and right before Derek left for work, Titus threw up on the couch. Derek was telling me "goodbye," and he just said, "You poor, poor woman. I'm so sorry." All I could do was say, "I love it, Babe!" You know what? I DO love it. I love that I'm not perfect. I love that I need Jesus. The joy of the Lord is truly my strength. I am thankful, I am blessed, and I am NOT Supermom!! :)


Dawn said…
Anna- You are precious! You have no idea how many woman you just blessed. I love you and especially your heart. You're a good mom.
LOVED your blog post! And I love that your not perfect too! =)
Jessica said…
Dude. I love you. Apparently we are long lost sisters.f
Jessica said…
good one.....i love the not doing homeschooling because you just can't bear the thought of it. hhahaha.

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