Fun outside this weekend

Guess which 2 are playing in the dirt?!
(always :) I love that about them!)
We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend, and Titus just couldn't keep his hands out of the dirt. Unfortunately, that dirt also ruined our fun. The air was so dusty that Justus almost immediately started coughing, eventually got hoarse, and we had to cut things short. Things progressed from there, and we had to run refill his inhaler prescription because of an asthma attack yesterday!! In the words of my husband after getting up in the night to give Justus the inhaler last night, "Stinkin Pumpkin Patch!" :) Thankfully, he is productively coughing up phlegm, and things are looking up! (a little TMI???)

Look at these big boys!! I can't wait to see these 3 guys (and their baby brother) as teenagers. No, let me rephrase that, I can most definitely WAIT to see them as teenagers, because I love the stages they are in now and know I will miss these ages. However, I think they will have so much fun together as they get older. Titus and Eli were playing with a couple ride-on toys this weekend, and they parked both of them next to each other, raised the seats (aka, hoods), and put Derek's screwdriver and a garden tool to work. It was like a glimpse into the cute! They even both had their shirts off at the time. Oh, and Derek also found a cigarette butte in Titus' "motorcycle" (as he calls it.) We both had a good laugh at that, and I immediately began praying that part doesn't come to pass!

Dirt, water, mud...Give a boy one or all of these, and he will be happy!
(Unless your name is Justus. Then you'll have a conniption!)

And finally, as if we didn't have enough fun, energy, and madness around here...
Peanut came to the rescue! :)

(Another glimpse into the future, I suppose ;) )


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