Someone's been using my camera!!!

I love getting on the computer, putting my camera card in, opening up the pictures and seeing what Justus has been up to lately :) He LOVES stealing asking politely for my camera and going around the house filling up my card. Here are a few of my favorites as of late :)

Do you think this kid loves his monkey?

Yes, he is huge :) (this picture doesn't even do him justice! haha)

One big plus when your 5 year old takes pictures:
you get to be IN them!!

Mhmmmm, someone decided to draw on the white board with permanent marker
(See the above pictures for the culprit. It's the boy who can actually walk!)

See our beeswax stars?

Sometimes, some of us don't like having Justus take our pictures.
Most of the time, he does it anyway :)


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