Speaking of the Pumpkin Patch...

I was so sad the visit to the Pumpkin Patch had to be cut short. I love traditions, and I love going to the Pumpkin Patch every year! (although Derek claims we didn't go last year...shh, I don't like to brag when I'm right :) ) Anyway, I also felt SO badly, because Justus wanted to have fun there. He was so excited to get to spend time with 2 of his best friends, and he was just excited in general to do something fun as a family. When I started to take some pictures of the boys by the pumpkins, he even asked me to take a few specific ones, sat down, and posed with a big smile for them. (Such a sweet boy!) When we made the decision to just get in the car and head home, Justus asked if we could go to Chuck E. Cheese. It broke my heart, because I know he just really wanted to have a fun outing together. *Sigh*

On a positive note, Justus and Titus DID get to ride a ferris wheel for the first time in their lives!! (albeit a tiny one :) ...and I didn't get a picture!) I took a few pictures of other moments for memory's sake, and I must post them on here, because...well...it's tradition :)

On the hayride

Climbing the giant hay stack

(see Justus coughing?
cover with your ARM, son! How many times do I have to tell you!?

Eli was either riding in the stroller, eating, or being carried by Derek the whole time we were there! He was more active when we went when he was a baby!!

Annual picture of the Pumpkin Patch sign

LOOK! They're angels!! :) haha, yeaaaaaaaaaah

Frye boys at the Pumpkin Patch 2010!

It's always nice when these two get along lovingly :)

At least we got a few smiles throughout the ordeal! See you next year, Pumpkin Patch!
(as long as it's not too dusty...)


Jessica said…
:) I can just imagine Justus' sweet little heart being so happy posing for that pumpkin patch picture!

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