You know you're pregnant with #4 when...

1. People ask how far along you are, and your answer is, "Ummmmm, somewhere in the early-20 weeks," (and then you walk away questioning if that is even accurate.)
2. You weigh yourself, and by the time you turn around and are distracted by your 3 other little ones needing things, you start doing the math in your head to see how much weight you have gained, and you have already forgotten what the scale said.
3. You feel a thump on your stomach, and you look down to see who is needing something.
4. You sit down at the computer to enjoy some quiet time during your kids' nap and room time, and you realize how amazingly hungry you are. Then, you realize maybe that's because you haven't had a single thing to eat since breakfast...and it's pushing 1:30 pm.
5. After realizing how hungry you are, you also realize how tired you are and how fixing a real lunch is NOT appealing at the you grab anything and everything you can find that does not require any assembly.
6. You snack frequently in the afternoon (considering the fact that you're still trying to break your morning fast), and you find yourself not caring at all if your kids snack with you and ruin their dinner. (After all, "dinner" can hardly be called "dinner" appropriately these days.)
7. Bath time for your 3 little ones is as short as possible. It's one thing to lean over and wash 2 little ones, but by the time you get to the third child, everyone is going crazy, you're soaked, and you just can't stand leaning over your belly one more time.
8. TV time goes from once a day for one child to actually encouraging as many of them as possible to "sit and just watch a little more."
9. Your 4-yr-old says to you, "Maybe the NEXT baby will be a girl!" (and you realize that he probably thinks the baby-making will never end.)
10. You know you're pregnant with baby #4 when you are faced with the choice of cleaning your house or running errands, and you choose cleaning. After all, 3 little boys cannot buckle and unbuckle themselves in and out of their car seats, but they can certainly help clean house!!

Off to clean!!! :)


Jessica said…
Hahahaha, oh, Anna. You're something else. I cannot imagine dealing all that. You are so inspiring. Love you guys,

Jessica said…
Don't forget to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the boys to help you remember!

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